43 Replies to “Best of 1998 – The Jenny Jones Show”

  1. Donnie Streaty I.P

    What was the episode in 1998 where the girl played a trick on her boyfriend having somebody play like they was calling from Dec Jan records saying the wanna sign her boyfriend. Remember Jenny Jones let him rap on show?

  2. Jerra Maurice

    What was that look a like episode when that dude said he looks like Dr. Dre & when the audience say he don't he start ribbon on one of them. He did that on another talk show too with his goofy ass

  3. العـنقود♩

    ignorant and sexist and homophobic , so sad to know that this is the year i was born in , fortunately we progressed and left those stereotypical and prejudiced opinions on people , judging people for their apperance and what they like to wear ? seriously ? ew . ( I'm not american by the way )

  4. briarrosed

    I so miss those days. These talkshows were so new back then and kinda shocking sometimes haha. So many weird stuff. Kinda remember talking about it the day after at high school lol.

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