12 Replies to “Dating Post-Divorce: Online Dating, Dating Errors and Tips”

  1. dani19541

    I agree with ladynottingham89. I know that I bond with sexual intercourse and I'm cooked if the partner is very good at it. I'm not alone, most women I know are the same.

  2. Adry O.

    I find myself repeled by sex & was very surprised & glad that u said you are a-sexual in a comment below..am soo glad that this is also an acceptable state.. always felt so alone & wierd..your presence on the web is priceless & lifesaving..God bless

  3. ladynottingham89

    The sex advice would only work for men I believe, when a woman has sex and orgasms all those same bonding hormones that hit our brain during breastfeeding so we bond with our babies are released. If the sex turns out to be great then it can hinder good judgment.

  4. Donna Ruggs

    @ sunset721 and that should have been clue 1 to run in the opposite direction I bet when you were good with him you were laughing it up at that too. But now that dude dumped you he is cruel? Really? Why don't you set your standards higher so you don't attract these types of people. And if the right person doesn't come along then don't just settle for whatever does. You are so bitter.

  5. Brenda B

    I have to disagree in what you say single men and women are looking for. Most males just want a beautiful woman or an ugly woman to stick their dick into. Any warm, wet hole is all they want, not much more.

  6. deepmind50

    Mr.Vankin, your self description of narcissistic thinking is so identical to my spouses thinking that the mechanics of its development must have structural common roots. Think on this, she is completely deaf for life yet matches internal ego structures you describe.

  7. sunset721

    I like Dr.Sam Vaknins videos, and he's on target on a lot of things. I just find it hard to believe, they (narcissists) don't know what they do and how they treat people is wrong. If they didn't, why do they hide their behavior or have a false self? My ex knew he was wrong, and thought it was funny sometimes.He used to tell me how he would take his ex to the jewelry store and pretend he was going to eventually buy an engagement ring. He let her show him what she liked and everything, so cruel? 

  8. AmericanWoman1966

    If a npd says can't we be friends? Can it be so that during the break up you don't … Take custody and child support etc., ? Is it safe to say "no we can't be friends?" as an honest reply. Or is it better to lie and say sure.

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