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  1. tillallareoneluv

    my divorce was "easy" realitively speaking. No kids. No payout. She kept the ring and whatever a banged up 10 year old mazda was worth. My brother sees his kid once or twice a month. It's pathetic.


    never ever get married, and never fall in this trap. i have been married for 14 years with 2 kids. the only thing that kept me goin are my kids, other than that ill be gone long ago. i have lots of divorced friends, they are slaves to their xs. the US court system will always be against u.

  3. IB Fit

    God bless everyone in the comment section. If you are not religious, then I send best wishes your way. We are all in this together. That gives me a little bit of comfort. Let's try and keep our heads up.

  4. IB Fit

    My wife and myself are both in the military. She told me she wasn't happy about 2 weeks ago. She hasn't talked to me since. She lives 17 hours away because she is in tech school. She said she will finally talk this weekend. I am scared to death. I don't want to lose her, but I know it is coming. I don't know whether to reenlist, get out, stay here, or move home. This process has made me a nervous reck. We have been together nearly 9 years since 15 and 17 years old 🙁 I've been ready to have kids for a few years now, and now that will have to wait even longer :/

  5. MsAnna47

    Word to the wise:  PRIDE goes before a fall.  Learn to drop that word from your vocabulary and begin to rebuild YOURSELF.  Even in the Holy Bible, God Himself NEVER uses the word "proud" to describe anything He ever did, does, will do.  After creating each day of this world, God said he was "well pleased."  Even in referring to Jesus his only begotten son, God said, This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased."  Drop the pride and begin to be pleased with your work,  your hobby, your personhood, developing virtues and a serious buck list that reasonable and sensible and moral and next time, if there is a next time, you won't make the mistake of marrying some idiot jezebel who is just lookin' for a paycheck and rob you of everything and put you into an early grave with her stupidity.

  6. Univ Univeral

    Someone said "If you go for a divorce, then marriage was not for you in the first place". If you v alue your marriage, stay with her all your life through thick or thin. It is a vow. "Till death …". And people get depressed and fail after a divoprce because the vow cause loads of negative karma when broken.

  7. jeanqbxx

    Joe, I just got divorced after 10 years of marriage. It was devastating, I couldn't even sleep at night thinking about the kids and my family in general. During the divorce process we talked about rebuilding but she never stopped the process and now that the divorce is over, I feel I have no more interest on her. I feel in peace and I'm even a better father now, I'm also getting in great shape and growing professionally. With all of that being said, I feel I have become an magnet for amazing ladies, however I'm taking my time before getting in something serious.

  8. grumpy4577

    I got divorced 5 months ago, and I finally started living. I don't have to work as much, I ride my motorcycle more, I've started hiking and having more time for family and friends. Best decision my ex wife and I ever made.

  9. kvl0003

    a buddy of mine found him a nice looking woman and he just fell in love head over heels all he talked about , I told him dont get her pregnant and him being the young man that he is he didnt listen , all women are not like your ex he says , well she got pregnant with twins . Now i see him arguing with her on the phone , so i ask whats up thought you was in love , he said she told him her meal tickets are in her belly. nope she is nothing like my ex she is a good one hahaha have fun dude

  10. petesasauce

    Thank you for posting. Sadly, I am now 30 days into this. Your experience is identical to ours; our 10 year Anniversary would have been next week. I can't save/fix this if the other person (my wife, soon to be my ex) doesn't want to save or fix it. I fell causality to the all too common case of "irreconcilable differences", also know as No Fault. I have chosen to take the highest of high roads during this process. We are still living together under the same roof and we have two small children. We have a fundamental and complete difference of opinion as to why our marriage has disolved. That's similar to what you said about you and your ex being unable to come together. Every day is tough and sad but my conscience is clear. I did not end this marriage and she did. I'm learning to take it hour by hour, day by day. I chose to remember the good and great times as opposed to festering and allow myself to get bogged down in petty squabbles or thoughts of mistrust or resentment. For thst, I am stronger and will keep my chin up and persevere, not just for me, but especially for my children.

  11. JAMES D

    I am still hurting over mine. I had other things going on in my life that were hard to deal with. I had everything happened to me one after the other, It destroyed me. Women suck. They dream about getting married, and once married they are always the ones that initiate divorce. It is all BS out there.

  12. mrwong11989

    Since childhood I've always want to see parents divorce due to corruption in marriages and non-marriage is free plus divorcing all parents in the world will save the humans from extinction

  13. Roger Costner

    I didn't leave man , I stuck in there and she was the one to leave as soon as I put my foot down so now she's wanting to try to work things out, lol. ….not going to happen, stay strong, act like that you just give a damn, as of now its my house for the next year or until we sell or she buys me out, good luck bro…..

  14. Joe Collinsworth

    Hey all thought I'd check in as I've watched comments and views go up! I shut down my men's divorce site a while ago to focus on other life matters. I'm toying with getting back into web marketing and this has proven there is a need in this space. Divorce sucks! It was the hardest but best thing I went through – but that's b/c I didn't let it beat me. For those of you going through it, there is light at the end of the tunnel – so your plan didn't work, so you have to start over, so you lost it all. You have everything you need in you to succeed and move on! I had a blast after divorce. I have since met a wonderful woman and got remarried (thought long and hard on that). Now though I have a bit of hindsight and work very hard every day on our relationship. The key to success after divorce for me was to work on myself and help others along the way. Feel free to reach out if any of you have questions or want to chat.

  15. Cesar C.

    I was married 22years, now divorced 15mon. I gave up drinking 6 months ago. It was then that I noticed the deep pain in my heart and soul. I wake every morning in physical, mental, and emotional pain. It's a lot less than it was two months ago, which nearly drove me to jump off a bridge. I'm in pain now. I just want share that the pain you feel now is normal. My suggestion is to stay away from alcohol, porn, and junk food. Try the best you can to listen to positive videos and divorce podcast, find a divorce support group, and eat healthy and nutritious food, lots of veggies and fruits. Try to take long walks and listen to yoga music. Also, try your best to not beat yourself up (which I tend to do). One step in front of the other.

  16. Jorge Ortiz

    I lost everything I worked for, for all throughout my youth. I killed myself for someone else. All I have now it's my faith and my illness. Most women are just like their father, Satan.

  17. Luis Cordero

    Ive been seperated for about a year now still waiting on the D papers to arrive {man I should have never gotten married in the first place,I really messed up my life by loving somebody who truly didnt love me back}jokes on me

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