21 Replies to “Gossip Girl 6×10 – Chuck & Blair get married “3 words 8 letters” then Chuck is arrested”

  1. Solenne Miahumba

    I personally think that the last episode of GG one of the rarest good last episodes of the world. There are so much series with a bad series-finale, but they made the last episode "better" than the series. I can assure you guys that I love Gossip Girl, I've even cried when it came to an end just to say GG was, is and would always be my series nr. 1.(I sound like I'm talking about the big love of my life which it kinda is ;-p)

  2. untilwemeetagain2010

    Ed adding in the ILU was so romantic. That moment right there and her touching him made it more special than anything else. I loved that Chuck refused to do something simple for Blair although they could have given us at least their first dance together as husband and wife. I really hope for a reboot one day where they are the parents with their rebellious Henry and daughter who is just like Blair. lol 😉

  3. Lia great

    Thats a perfect Wedding for them 😂this is Romantic!❤️they Chuck and blair! A typical Wedding is to boring for Chuck and Blair. I mean they CHUCK &BLAIR 😂❤️

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