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  1. MRW2276

    My question is even if you set up a business account on ebay under a different name and tax I.D.. If your running that business from home won't ebay link the accounts still by the address or are you suggestion a P.O. Box for the business? Also does paypal know the name on the bank account or does it just see it as an account number?

  2. Aa J

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  3. Lynne Richards

    I had an Amazon account that was shut down in 2008 after being a top rated seller for 2 years. I was working a full time job as a hotel night auditor, so I started dropshipping not knowing what I was doing. If I had a problem with a customer, I would give them a full refund plus let them keep the product they ordered to  compensate for my errors.I still received bad reviews. Well monkey see, monkey do and others a took advantage of the situation,…buy a product, complain,get a full refund and keep the product, then give me a bad review. Amazon shut me down and banned me. I have been selling on eBay for almost a year now. I am a bronze powerseller and a Top Rated Plus seller.  I want to get back on Amazon. I recently attained an EIN and we are moving soon, so I will have a new IP address. I will also be opening up a business checking account and purchasing a new computer. I also want to convert from a sole proprietor to an LLC. I hope this all works out. Due to a chronic illness, I am housebound and this is my new career.  I have been watching your videos for the past 2 days and really like what I see.  Thanks for the education.

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