40 Replies to “Lady Antebellum – You Look Good (Lyric Video)”

  1. Clinton Jones

    I so enjoyed your YouTube channel seeing your rise to fame. Is is time to throwback and make a few new Webisode Wednesdays and Lady Haze parody tunes? I hope so. It really showed you down to earth side.

  2. Noel Mason

    some people are so stupid it kills me the song is great who the hell cares if it's pop or country doesn't make it better and you agree or you wouldn't have listed to the damn thing.

  3. hockeyman001

    Normally I love Lady Antebellum's music but this is just pop trash. Not only is it not country, it's also the same played out "daaammmn you hot!" subject matter that is overused in just about all music today. "So fresh so fine?" What is this…hip hop or a Bruno Mars song? I can't get on board with this one at all, but I'd highly recommend the much more melodic and substantive "Need You Now" or "Just a Kiss" if you're looking for a better example of their work.

  4. Shayne Redcay

    I love Lady A, however I don't think that this is the right song for them. They did do a great job with it and I will happily listen to it again, I just wish it would've come from maybe Thomas Rhett or Kip Moore. I think it would've fit their style a little bit better. But still a great song.

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