49 Replies to “Little Big Town – Better Man”

  1. Tina Proffitt

    My baby girl would still be alive !!! Gave up my my house my job of 13 years was tired of the black eyes and broken noses but that woman KILLED my baby girl


  2. Crystal So Random

    my current situation. I got married November 5th. before that I had a miscarriage. we have a 3yr old together. in currently pregnant at 25 weeks. my son and I had to move from ga to ohio because the landlords wouldn't fix the septic tank and lines. due to it a health issue and not having anywhere to go in ga me and our 3yr old came to live with my dad in ohio. it has been since end of Jan. my husband don't talk to me anymore, don't ask about our son, don ask about our unborn, don't ask about the pregnancy. in high risk now due to a complete placenta previa. he missed our son birthday party last weekend. he stopped sending us money, dont call me, he dont email, dont text nothing. idk what is going on but I hate going through what he's putting us through. I wish he was a better man. I been with him for almost 4yrs now. he has never been like this till I left ga to come to ohio. I dont want to move back to ga for good personal reasons. he has a good job and that is only reason why he staying in ga. but it isn't worth it. 🙁 Im trying to stay positive and pray our situation gets better. but we shall see. he is now living in a hotel and both our cells shut off and he has my car which my tags about to expire and I don't care at this point. please pray for us. I'm dealing with high anxiety and depression. this is my second marriage and I want it to be my last and I want it to last till I die.

  3. Sophia maria

    This song reminds me of my Ex husband he past away in November he was only 44 he was a good man with an addiction that killed him. We had two kids he was my everything my first love I still miss him.

  4. Karah Christian

    It's so hard when you WANT to be good woman, loyal, work hard, romantic, there for them, forgiving, love them unconditionally, and they STILL don't treat you good enough. All I hear is words, I see no actions. And it's like, what IS IT that you need to want to change and better yourself? Why is it so damn hard for men to grow up and realize. They all end up 65 years old and looking back wishing the one woman they loved didn't get away. Do something NOW. I don't understand…

  5. Larissa Drawdy

    Taylor I am thinking you are getting me through me because kids on my bus bully me so I will sing this song to help me focus.. Also, I saw you on my TV on CMT music channel. Thank you for helping me with my life. 🙂 HAPPY FACE AND HAPPY EASTER TAYLOR!

  6. Linda Downs

    No one deserves to be abused. For all those ladies or men out there who are in a bad relationship, LEAVE ASAP.. I know its hard,, even after 14 years I still wish my husband would have grown up and treated me with the same respect I gave him. Its scary, its hard, its emotionally hard but there are better partners out there. Bless all of you who are dealing with difficult or abusive relationships.

  7. Dani Gonzalez Diaz

    i did everything to love him to treat him with love respect and i stood by for a long time. he was my best friend my lover and we did everything together. then o e day everything changed. he never cheated on me. "i can see the permanent damage you did to me" he put his hands on me. and destroyed everything. i am beyond hurt and this song just plays in my head i wish he had never done that.. we have a beautiful family now Hes in jail and im left broken

  8. Elizabeth Murphy

    This song and all the tears I shed when I hear it go out to my 2nd husband. We were best friends til we got married then it was over 2 years and 2 kids later. He was verbally abusive and I knew I had to take the kids and run before he hurt one of us.

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