25 Replies to “Theresa May, “Today Government acts on Democratic Will of British People””

  1. leboeufsage

    Hardly democratic. Many people didn't vote and those that did in favour of Brexit held a very small majority. A fair and democratic way would be to give all those who voted for Brexit a British only passport and those that voted against a European passport. Britain is becoming a one party 2 party state in which many people are not truly represented. Britain is an island off the coast of France. People can say what they like but that is the way it is. Britain has always relied on imports. Without that the country could not survive. History has proved that time and time again. To turn away from europe is a grave mistake. Besides, why leave when you haven't been sacked?

  2. urshubh u

    John Law

    The Brexitees were warned before the referendum that voting to leave could trigger the breakup of the UK with Scotland heading for a 2nd independent referendum, NI falling into the orbit of RoI and Gibraltar starts leaning towards Spain. Now we have the Brexit moaners pretending that it is everyone else’s fault but their own. You guys never really listen nor understand the facts about modern economy, the single market, the labour pool and the 21st century European political structure and how they all work together and has benefited the UK enormously in the past 30 years and brought peace and democracy to most part of Europe since 1945 – being in the EU has helped to smooth out a lot of the territorial conflicts which had destroyed Europe in the past 200 years. Now people start talking about war with Spain! On top of that, sterling is down 18% (as predicted), Scotland has asked for a 2nd independent referendum with a full mandate from the Scottish parliament (as predicted), the sovereignty of Gibraltar is now in question once more (as predicted), banks and other financial services have started moving or planning to relocate their offices to other EU states (as predicted), inflation is up (as predicted), cost of living has gone up (as predicted), there has been no quick trade deal with the USA and Australia (as predicted). All these is for re-gaining the right of deporting a few undesirables with no guarantee that they will never return. And even the Great Repeal Bill is adopting the same EU laws. The Brexitees don’t realise this yet – most of EU trade and financial laws will continue to stay as they are. That is to avoid creating a trading condition for unfair competition for UK goods and services which can be used as an excuse by other countries to raise UK export tariffs or ban UK export outright! And one more thing for the Brexitees, once the common custom union is abolished, you will be back to your £160 tax free per person travel allowance. You will be stopped as you enter the EU and searched like a criminal and the same will happen to you when you return to the UK as it is likely that most of the people will bring home with goods from the EU worth more than £160 – now you will need to pay import duty and VAT on them. I hope you Brexitees are looking forward to that experience

  3. 1978ajax

    An amazing and memorable day, and proud to have supported this moment throughout.

    Shamed only by those sniggering gutless Lib/Dems and ill-natured SNPs in the background, who prefer to play up their own shitty little political careers at such a moment rather than getting on with the job of democracy.

  4. Kevin Dillon

    why does she say liberal democratic values? she's a fucking strange Conservative, she mentions liberal views over and over again, stick ya liberal views where the sun don't shine, the liberal agenda of the UK is why Brits voted for Brexit, I'm not keen on her, she's a wishy washy liberal.

  5. Richard Lee

    Fantastic by Theresa May but Oh god…. what an absolutely disgusting and embarrassing party the Liberal Democrats are (referring to their stupid over the top laughing). I don't think you could get a bunch of more unlikable people if you tried

  6. Cypher

    Funny how they all start laughing when she says European values. These dumb cunts seem to believe that millennia of European history started with the EU or something? Fuck me you idiots wonder why everyone despises you.

  7. Blaewas

    A terrific speech, but the disrespect and lack of dignity coming from some of the opposition is very disgraceful. I realize that not everyone is enthusiastic about this but your country needs you to come to terms with reality and try to make the best of the situation. I pray for a speedy and favorable exit for the British people and I would encourage them to look forward and not back. Britain didn't become the greatest power on Earth by saying, "We can't do this, we can't do that". It takes a lot of courage to step into the unknown and sail out into the great open blue. But there are rewards to be had after the struggle. Carpe Diem!

  8. fkgrgeg

    excellent, though personally I loathe the eu and want to see it's destruction. i don't think it is wise to be supportive of an organisation created by stealth and deception or give any kind of encouragement to it's commissioners.

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