Vanderpump Rules: Does Katie Have a Drinking Problem? (Season 5, Episode 22) | Bravo

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32 Replies to “Vanderpump Rules: Does Katie Have a Drinking Problem? (Season 5, Episode 22) | Bravo”

  1. Veronica Hammock

    yes she does if you drink and get to the point when you become mean and vile and go into a rage Everytime you drink to much yes you become that person who should not drink .because you become the friend at the party who become the mean person when you drink .don't understand they called out James for doing that but it's OK for Katie and everyone hides it

  2. Ritza Herrera

    I'm not here for Katie, but I'm so here for Schwartz defending her this reunion. I think alot of people can agree that Katie sucks but we want TomKat to flourish & have a successful marriage.

  3. King1559

    I'm not a qualified psychologist by any means, but it says a lot that Katie continues to insist she doesn't have a problem with alcohol, despite consistent evidence of abhorrent behavior when she's inebriated.

  4. Linda King

    Everyone's personality changes a bit when they get drunk. Some become the happy drunk, the crying/sentimental drunk etc. Katie is the mean drunk. I don't know if Katie has a problem or the show just enhances a few episodes and extends it to a full season making it LOOK like a problem.

  5. CherryJuli

    You should be careful with these accusations. Drinking and partying a lot doesn't mean someone has a drinking problem. Everybody gets super dramatic when they're drunk. And come on Sheena, calling your "friend" out like that on TV? Seriously? That's beyond nasty and you're conviniently ALWAYS the victim.

  6. bb sk

    Why is this even an question anyone who has watched every single season of this show can clearly see that Katie has a drinking problem

  7. Allison G

    Gonna call it like I see it. Sheana you Fake As Fuck! Why are you always bad mouthing your friends. Katie never once brought up your fucked up marriage or that fact that You bad mothered wtf is her name for sleeping with a married man yet you did the exact same maybe worse since she wasn't actually. She has been causing shit since she started on the show. I wish Stassi would put her in per place.

  8. Sissy

    Tom is like a girl he has his nose stuck in everyone's business and if he gets hurt then it's not ok but if someone else hurts by another person or the same person then it's ok.Tom need to worry about his relationship with Arianna and stay out of others.He needs to be more of a man,my opinion.Kristin is right about Sheena she plays both sides so nobody gets mad also we haven't heard her husband's side ,we don't really know the whole truth.I noticed she never listened to him when he talked and it was all about her.Lala started all the hatred she was being the mean girl .Katie is not a alcoholic she would drink all day long everything day if she was, everyone on there drinks all the time including Lisa V.Arianna is a dopey it seems and she is rude and arrogant just like Tom,a perfect couple for each other

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