33 Replies to “Why The Narcissist Won’t Divorce You”

  1. Angel Herron

    WOW…IVE BEEN ASKING for a divorce….he's on fb talking to others and we are still married… won't divorce…the kids and I are in a domestic violence shelter ….and I've ask for divorce many times…thank you For this info.

  2. Tre S

    Some people just don't want a divorce because they believe in marriage. I wouldn't call everyone a narcissist based on some one not wanting a divorce.

  3. Tre S

    My narcissist divorced me after she took everything out of me. I believe they have no trouble doing that especially when they drained you and their still afloat.

  4. alisezalise

    For years, I was completely confused by the actions of my partner.. Your videos are so well done and has brought me to a level of clarity like no other thank you very much!!

  5. teedy cintron

    Your serious facial expressions got me laughing. But I know you are serious about this unfortunate reality. I told mine a few days ago that I'm filing for divorce next month. His response was I'll think about it. Mind you I just found out how he's been slandering me to his parents and his ex baby mom. And he's now serving time for domestic battery against me, which adds to his long list of criminal record. We have been together since Sept 2014. I got pregnant early 2015 and suffered much mistreatment after also discovering his addiction to heroine, alcohol, etc. He was in jail 2016 10 out of 12 months, yet still finds a way to see me as his scapegoat. And expects me to support him in jail with visits, money, care packages, letters with pics and phone calls.

  6. Julia Todhunter

    Mine had an affair he was hiding, then when I found out, he told me he 'wanted out' & made threats, but then he wouldn't file. I filed and now its over 5 years later and still can't get divorced. 4 rounds of mediation and I've been stonewalled every time. The gf lives in one of our homes, being supported by marital assets, and he still causes delays. You're right, narcs get a lot of satisfaction and/or supply from making others as miserable as they can, even if it costs them a lot.

  7. Aneta Bemister

    I was married for 18 years to one. I finally left and I am back with him after 3 years of separation. He brain washed my kids to move with him. He made all kinds of promise that the kids are much happy with bought parents. So, I wanted to give my family another try. Now I slowly see the control starting again and when I am happy around friends he dosent like that.
    I have some decsions to make about my marriage.

  8. solice8844

    This video just described my entire 11-year marriage. She went into a narc rage when I filed for divorce after she used that same threat against me for years. Called her bluff and she lost her high grade supply source. And more importantly I escaped.

  9. Jane Fallon

    Can you do vid on why the narc hates disabled people and people with illnesses and those that suffer so bad they can't hold a job due to disability so the person may be claiming welfare. Also can you do a vid on why the narc mother in law favourites siblings and grandchildren? Why do they leave out step children on birthdays Christmas and send people nothing or different amounts of value presents? Also what if you can't go no contact due to your spouse not wanting to fall out with his family due to money he thinks he's getting from their will? So they've still got access to your kids? Because if you leave him your kids have no dad! Thanks

  10. Mary Jane

    Yep! My husband moved from his rental DUMP of 10yrs fast as his harem could move him 😎 So he could avoid the divorce. Thou he plastered on FB he, was divorcing Me πŸ™ƒ I found out he was coming to My turf to work (thou he's mentally DISABLED…….. &I paid a Server $300 to Hand him the DIVORCE papers, in front of his gf & peers πŸ–•πŸ½. Ofcourse he didn't show his face in court & I was Awarded the Divorce that day! Now, mine is OLD , so hes slipping 😜

  11. Sabrina Estrada

    Oh my god! I always said that my ex loved to see me miserable. He would literally cheer up when I was sad and he wouldn't make any of the changes I asked for to make me happy in the marriage. When I divorced him, he told me that I would not have the happy life I wanted.

  12. nick m

    I also forgot to mention they won't let you go because they are users/ leeches they can't make it out in the real world because they are evil and worthless.

  13. nick m

    Right in man.. they are demons that feed off you.. they won't ever let go even when you escape. . it's been 17 years I still can't escape, my brother had one he got out, and since 11 years she still try with drama.. Man I got alot of good info from experience I should make some videos too..

  14. Kimmm West

    also …idk if this is possible but i have been feeling like the narc has kinda turned me into a narc when i engaged in counter manipulation..and i find myself seemingly in my option..i start to use this manipulation on others and i feel its part of keeping people away …so they dont know im involved with a daemon.

  15. Kimmm West

    i have been looking all over YouTube about vids on an active marriage with the narc …. and this is the first i have found even thru much searching so thank u so much πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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